Sleep Dentistry

Sleep Dentistry

Experience dental care without anxiety at Queen Street Dental in Tottenham. We understand the common concern of dental anxiety, which is why we offer an array of sedation options, including General Anaesthesia, ensuring your visit is stress-free. Our Sleep Dentistry service revolutionizes dental experiences for both kids and adults. We understand dental anxiety is real, especially for our younger patients and those needing extensive procedures.

Why Choose General Anaesthesia? It’s the ultimate solution for a painless, anxiety-free experience, ideal for complex dental needs, intense anxiety, or extensive procedures. With General Anesthesia, you’re completely unconscious, blissfully unaware of the treatment, leaving no memory behind. 

Our dental team administers anesthesia carefully, prioritizing your safety throughout. Trust us for the highest level of care during your treatment. It’s an excellent option for severe anxiety, complex surgeries, and special needs patients. At Queen Street Dental, your comfort is paramount. Tailoring sedation to your needs ensures an exceptional experience. 

Whether you’re a new patient or a familiar face, experience the comfort and quality care you deserve. Contact us today, by calling (905) 936-4663 to learn more about our adults and kids’ Sleep Dentistry services. 

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